Young Poets, Part II

December 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

H.O.W. Journal is thrilled to publish the second part of our selection of younger poets. Click on each name to read their poems. Enjoy!

EJ Koh:

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BeyoncĂ©’s Quadruple Platinum Single’ explodes the scope of America’s most famous pop lyrics to encompass the darker, more complex sensations which pulse beneath the mundane.
EJ Koh blogs at and she tumbles poetry at


Dan Kraines:
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In the poems ‘Licht’ and ‘Next Door,’ Kraines creates, with frightening clarity and precision, an atmosphere which enacts the speaker’s fractured psychology.
Dan Kraines teaches in Maryland and is a Masters candidate in Social Thought and Modernism at NYU.

Julia Anna Morrison:
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With characteristic eloquence and startling emotional power, ‘Primary’ and ‘Normal-Sized Stars’ submerge the reader in Morrison’s realm of longing and loss, in which tragedies are mirrored by the natural world and time itself cannot be held accountable. Julia Anna Morrison is a second year MFA candidate at the University of Iowa. She is from Alpharetta, Georgia.

June Rockefeller:
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‘When the River Freezes’ is an oneiric vision in which Rockefeller’s gentle voice examines, with quietude, the mortality we all must come to terms with. June Rockefeller is pursuing an MFA at Emerson College where she serves as the Poetry Editor of Redivider. She is also the Editorial Assistant for the online journal Memorious.

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